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Why does Soniclean do such an incredible job cleaning your carpet?

The technology in Soniclean’s patented sonic cleaning bar on the base of the vacuum produces 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute, operating much like a sonic toothbrush to loosen embedded dust, dirt and allergens in your carpet and lift them away!

The VTplus® is an all-home workhorse. Its patented Sonic Cleaning Technology produces 12,000 vibrations per minute to loosen dust, pet hair, and dirt from deep within carpets, while a powerful, direct-air, paramagnetic motor sucks them all up. Turn the Sonic feature off, and it’s perfect for bare floors too.


The Soft Carpet® vacuum is designed specifically for use on name-brand Soft Style carpets like Caress, SmartStrand, Silk, and Soft Spring. Also featuring Sonic Cleaning Technology, the Bare Floor Pro®’s unique venting system and brush roll and extra-large front wheels allow it to “float” on the surface to reduce resistance while you push.


If you need maximum maneuverability, the Bare Floor Pro® is the powerful canister vacuum that’s built for every situation. Made in Germany, the Bare Floor Pro® features an 1150-watt variable-speed motor and comes with all the attachments you need to clean your entire home: rugs, hardwood floors, drapes, and furniture.